Monday, January 22, 2018

New York: Design - Remembering Wendell Castle

Design - Remembering Wendell Castle
“We have lost a giant in the world of design.” Writes Glen Adamson on the Friedman Benda Gallery website.  “Inexhaustibly creative to the last, Wendell Castle was in the midst of preparing a new body of work when he passed away this week, at the age of eighty-five. It was typical of him. Wendell was a man who never stopped dreaming, or making those dreams a reality.”
The Last time I photographed Wendell Castle was at the Friedman Benda Gallery in New York in 2016, above, on the occasion of the Andrea Branzi Interiors exhibition.
Wendell Castle and Marc Benda

Wendell Castle - Ghost Rider  
Rocking Chair – 2010
Barry Friedman Ltd.
“A decade before the concept of “radical design” emerged, he began re-imagining the furniture form at every level. His earliest works were at once sinuous and sculptural, all choreographed curves, not a straight line or right angle to be seen. They were made using traditional joinery, but with highly unconventional cage-like structures and muscular curved components, which he carved from gunstocks, having found a supply of unused blanks at a nearby armament factory.  He made massive bio-morphic tables, capacious seating forms, twisting spiral staircases, un-categorizable pieces that engaged the walls and floor of a room in unconventional ways. While he was operating in the discipline of furniture, he retained the instincts and formal references of sculpture – the work was more indebted to Henry Moore than anything else that was happening then or indeed, had ever happened before in furniture design.
He was also a hugely important ambassador for American craft and design. Soft-spoken and true to his modest midwestern roots, he cut a dashing figure. Always stylish in his candy-colored spectacles, well-tailored jackets and spotless shoes, his quietly confident presence lifted the tone of any gathering.”
Glen Adamson

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Veneto – Ode to Prosecco

Nally Bellati - A Prosecco Vineyard in Winter
instagram: contessanally

 Ode to Prosecco #1
 "...Don't be light as a feather, be light as a bird.”
Life is but a landscape
unnoticeably passing by
we can sit back and watch it
or reach for the sky

Paths to follow
mountains to climb
stretching before us
like the passage of time

Each new day
casts varying light
inspiring thought
provoking insight

Never a blank canvas
nor a closed book
for with each new season
comes a brand new look

Softly as the snow falls
gentle as a breeze
raging as a gail
that tears through the trees

Laid out before us
need we enquire
nature intended
life to inspire
Denise Newton

 Nally Bellati - Prosecco Grapes
instagram: contessanally

Ode To Prosecco #2
Wizened vines heavy with their loads
Waiting to be relieved, to rest again
Morning mist and midday furnace
The work is urgent, the vintage sweet

As fatigue and sweat become intense
The church bell signs a needed break
An olive tree gives welcome shade
It's harvest still in infancy

A linen cloth beneath those branches
A place to spread a hearty lunch
Parma ham, ciabatta bread
The Dolcelatte deftly spread

Glistening rough and ruby wine
Slips from grainy earthen jugs
To restore life and health and heart
For this is as it ever was
Gino Della-Ragione

  Photograph courtesy Vallis Mareni

Ode To Prosecco #3
"Fly away to Veneto
and sample the wine
'neath the shade of the bell tower
the Ombra's devine"
Dee O'mahony

The poems above were submitted for the Ombra Poetry Competition, created to promote Ombra Prosecco in the U.K. The poems had to be inspired by Paul Valery’s quote: “Don’t’ be light as a feather, be light as a bird…” The winner won a week-end for two people in the Prosecco area and Venice!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia: – Magazzino del Sale 3 – Giacomo Quarenghi

“Tanto sono sublimi e maestosi che nulla più”
La didattica dell’architettura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia ai tempi di Giacomo Quarenghi
In the Magazzino del Sale 3 venue, the exhibition - Tanto sono sublimi e maestosi che nulla più. La didattica dell’architettura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia ai tempi di Giacomo QuarenghiSo much are sublime and majestic and nothing more. The teaching of architecture at the at L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia at the time of Giacomo Quarenghi, is on show until February 28 and curated by Alberto Giorgio Cassani.
 Francesco Pirona (da Giacomo Quarenghi)
Arco di Trionfo

curator  Alberto Giorgio Cassani

Some precious drawings of Quarenghi, famous teachers and pupils are on display, some for the first time, along with tables and treatises that testify the teachings and cultural life of the Scuola d’Architettura dell’Accademia in the late eighteenth century, early nineteenth century, influenced by the work of the famous architect from Bergamo.
Filippo Antolini - Collegium Mercatorum e Faro

“Tanto sono sublimi e maestosi che nulla più”
La didattica dell’architettura all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia ai tempi di Giacomo Quarenghi

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Milan - Palazzo Fagnani: The Pool NYC - Constante Colore Exhibition

Palazzo Fagnani

The Pool NYC - Constante Colore

Our name is taken from the place of our first exhibition in an old swimming hall in New York City. But, our name has much wider implications. It implies a gathering – a pooling – of artists of diverse backgrounds from different cultures into an entity dedicated to the pursuit of art.”
Luigi Franchin and Viola Romoli

Luigi Franchin and Viola Romoli, founders in 2009, of The Pool NYC, previously a touring gallery, they celebrated the opening of their new permanent exhibition space in Milan at Palazzo Fagnani, with a group show focused on colour and entitled Colore Costante, until February 16.

Giuseppe Stampone - Tierra - 2017
Always Colour, from the dawn of art till today…

In Costante Colore (Constant: Colour) the works on display are an ode to colour, the pictorial substance that is declined according to the expression of each artist.  We focus on the way of using the colour in order to highlight the importance and the constancy in the world of art regardless the subject or the medium of the work on exhibit.

  Aldo Mondino - Pois Pois Poivrons - 1964

Andrea Salvatori

Colour on glass, on ceramics, crayon, neon light, in pen and wash drawings, in acrylics, in oil paintings and videos. Bright, soft, metallic, primary, artificial, natural, complementary colour.

Andrea Salvatori

Colour is life

Claudio Ciani Bassetti, Bepi and Dodo Franchin and Anna Ciani Bassetti

 Stefania Fersini -  Playboy n49 dic-gen 2014 pag. 38 - 2017

Colour is matter, scent, space

Colour arouses strong emotions such as tension, obsession, eroticism, action, joy, euphoria, rupture, movement, pain, desire, passion, surprise, chance, option, balance, entropy, physicality, transfiguration, proportion, coherence.

Bianca Sforni
James Case-Leal - Invisible light 3 - 2015

Black and white gain significance in Art History

 Colour becomes clarity with Impressionism, does not stop with DaDa, shines in Secessionism, triumphs with Pop-Art, degenerates with Expressionism, erupts with Abstractism, subsides with Minimalism, suffers in the Arte Povera, stabilizes with Transavanguardia. The artistic movements evolve, the centuries pass by, the colour keeps burning.

Patrick Jacobs - Living Room with Radiator - 2014

Angelo and Silvia Calmarini, German Frers

Francesco Mori

Colour evolves, changes, becomes warmer, becomes fluorescent, becomes neon light, becomes non-colour.

Audio installation
Matteo Vinti

Roberto and Wally Romoli

The Music
 Salzedo - Andes - Inglefield - McDonald
Ada Oggioni

Bertozzi and Casoni

Federico Corra and Marco Bonaldo

Vinicio Vianello

Olivier Lexa

L-R: Vinicio Vianello – Fulvio Bianconi – Vittorio Zecchin

Federica Toledo and Marzio Rusconi Clerici

Andrea Salvatori – Untitled - 2017

The Wine

Prosecco - Castello di Roncade

 Photo and copyright Manfredi Bellati

Federico Solmi - The Gentle Barbarians

Colour is exhaustion, impression, redundancy, exasperation, suffering, discomfort, madness, exaggeration, sensitivity, extenuation, tradition, appearance, substance, interiority, expression, mania, immediacy, reflection, spontaneity, gesture, rhythm, fire, warmth, cold, intolerance, magic, dream, recurrence, spasm, puff, sexuality, intransigence, zeal, alacrity, energy, assiduity, annoyance, beauty. 
naturally creativity - genius

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