Thursday, March 23, 2017

Party Pictures - Missoni After Fashion Show Dinner Party

Party Pictures - Missoni After Fashion Show Dinner Party. The Missoni after  fashion show dinner party was held in the charming loft space of catering company Mari and Co. The rooms were joyfully “styled” with Missoni Home plates, cushions, sofas and prints. To greet guest a big table of artistically composed vegetable dishes arranged on small white porcelain plates ‘food for the eyes’ and delicious as well.

Carlo Capasa and Angela Missoni

Rosita Missoni and Eduoardo Geulfenbien

Stefano Tonchi and JJ Martin

Servane Giol

Bruno Ragazzi and Giorgio Guidotti


Tomas Than and Warly Tomei

The Cheeses

Mari and Co’s Marinella Rossi

Waiter’s uniforms are stored in linen garment bags

Micol Sabbadini, Rosanna Orlandi, Carla Vanni and Rosita Missoni

Patrick Kinmonth, Angela Mariani and Antonio Monfreda

Missoni Home 

Pas Leccese


Simon and Caroline Burstein

Laura Panno

Nori vaccari Starck, Alan Journo and Michela Moro

Pino Pipoli

Bruno Ragazzi and Jane da Mosto

Gerlinde Geulfenbein Hobel

Margherita Ranocchia and Vivetta Ponti

Uberta Zambeletti and Fausto Puglisi

We Drank
Bosco del Merlo Prosecco

Markus Ebner and Nicole Phelps

Luca Modigliani, Gentucca Bini and Giudo Taroni


Tom Schevelin and Oona Chanel


Carla Vanni and Natasha Pearlman


Sanchita Ajjampur

The Courtyard




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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

MFW17 – Arthur Arbesser Fashion Show – Fall/Winter 2017/2018

MFW17 – Arthur Arbesser Fashion Show – Fall/Winter 2017/2018. Wings of Desire”, the movie directed by Wim Wender’s was the starting point for Arthur Arbesser’s Fall/ Winter 2017/18 collection. The modern fairy-tale has provided the designer with various ideas and thoughts for the new season; a rich and vivid imaginary seeking to link romance and purity and to continuously contrast it with the cruelty of our surrounding reality.
Arthur Arbesser

Arbesser’s clothes aim to combine poetic and colorful elements with the rigor of the uniform, yet enhanced by a bold choice of colors.

Annamaria Sbisa, Uberta Zambeletti and Federico Marchetti

Mariuccia Casadio


Luca Cipelletti, Cristiano Seganfreddo, Andrea Rosso, Maria Cristina Didero, Margherita Maccapani Missoni and Natalie Jean

As being part of the Swarovski Collective 2017, Arbesser had unlimited access to the rich world of crystal, hence, the classic pinstripe has been substituted with fine crystal lines. 

The knitwear, one of Arbesser’s passions, shows delicate workmanship like intarsia knit, transparent inserts or geometric jacquards in precious yarns.
Silvia Negri Firman
Backstage – Hair
“The hairstyle was inspired by the film Wings of Desire, angels falling in love with humans, set in Berlin in 1987.  The hair is classic ‘finger wave’ with a modern twist.”
Mari Ohashi for Toni and Guy Artistic Team



Federico Guiscardo Ramondini, Souan Keith, Elio Messi and Giovanni Totti

Arthur Arbesser – Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Arthur Arbesser – Fall/Winter 2017/2018
Special attention was given to fabrics, graphics and jacquards, which were exclusively created by the designer aiming to infuse natural fibers with a futuristic look: the Tuscan Casentino or Austrian Loden were consciously mixed with technical, metallic or transparent fabrics and padded protective layers.
Make-up – Fancelle for MAC Pro Team
Backstage – The Storyboard
Arthur Arbesser – Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Backstage – Stripes

Achok Majak and Shanelle

  The Shoes

The shoes emerged from the collaboration between Arthur Arbesser and Vibram, and are a reinterpretation of their FiveFingers concept. Using high tech materials, stretch calf leather and 3D knitting, are in themselves a small avant-garde capsule collection.
Alicia Frankovich
Giulia Curra and Pas Leccese
Stand in front of one of the twelve ovens of the barrack’s bakery, built in the 1800s where the fashion show was held 

Vivien Egge

Carlo Ducci and Renata Molho

Alessio de Navasquez and Clara Tosi Pamphili
Igor Ramirez Garcia-Peralta and Canita


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